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How to Clean a Dyson Vacuum: How to Get Rid of that Terrible Dyson Vacuum Smell

Vacuum cleaners are a great way to keep our environments clean, but they may occasionally emit a bad smell. Dyson vacuums are popular for their effectiveness, but they can develop a rancid odor from bacteria, which is why it’s essential to clean your vacuum regularly. Dyson vacuums are popular for a good reason. They do a great job keeping your environment clean and dust-free, but there is one little problem: rancid odors. Why do Dyson vacuums smell bad?

Do you ever smell an unpleasant odor coming from your Dyson vacuum? Inadequate maintenance, inadequate cleaning, overheated motors, heavy usage, or malodorous messes are common causes of bad odors. It is best to clean your Dyson vacuum after using a solution of cold water and white vinegar. You can keep your Dyson vacuum smelling fresh with the appropriate methods. We’ll explore why Dyson vacuum cleaners smell and how to get rid of various pungent smells.

What Makes a Dyson Vacuum Smelly

A few problems can cause a Dyson vacuum cleaner to smell bad. The most common issue is pet hair and human hair, not the vacuum filter. Other reasons include a clogged filter or a problem with your exhaust pipe.

In order to eliminate the odor, pet owners vacuum up endless amounts of fur and dander. It is far more common for homes with indoor pets to smell like a wet dog. The smell of wet dogs is more common in households with indoor pets and is often described as having a strong and unpleasant odor that can be likened to the smell of a dog or wet fur.

Vacuuming is a great way to make your home smell fresh, but Dyson vacuums are not immune to this. Vacuum cleaner dust can get mixed with other particles in the air and create a foul odor. If your Dyson vacuum starts smelling like your pets, it may be time for a deep clean.

Clean Your Dyson Vacuum After Each Use

The first step to making your Dyson vacuum cleaner smell better is to regularly clean it with a mild commercial-grade cleaner and then give the Dyson vacuum a thorough one-hour soak in a commercial-grade wet-vac for 5-10 minutes.

If your Dyson vacuum is hard to clean due to heavy or uneven usage, poor housing, sticky nooks, and crannies, you may need to replace the seal or adjust the suction settings to clear the dirt. If you get any hints of a scented smell, then you will need to adjust the carbon filter and get it recirculated.

To Clean Your Dyson Vacuum, Follow These Steps:

1. Clean the vacuum by putting it on a flat surface, turning it upside down, and then cleaning it. Please don’t use any harsh chemicals or put anything heavy on it.

2. Air out the vacuum before storing. Unplug the vacuum while in use to prevent fumes from accumulating inside.

3. Never vacuum inside a closed room, such as a bedroom, where the smell of fumes may linger for long.

4. After each cleaning, wipe the vacuum with a damp cloth to clean off the dust and allergens.

5. Put a piece of cloth and Dyson filter in front of the vacuum to trap and stop dust mites.

6. To clean the motor properly, run it for a few minutes with all attachments off and suck up the remaining debris using an empty paper bag or dustpan.

Regularly Change the Filters

When the filter is dirty, there is a possibility that more dust, dirt, or germs may enter your Dyson cleaner and get trapped in the blades, cables, and hose. Change the filter after three months to prevent Dyson vacuum cleaners from stinking and rotting.

The best way to clean the filter is to use a Dyson as the air multiplier motor head. This filter is designed to be easily cleaned, takes about two minutes to clean, and has an innovative design that gets rid of dirt and other tiny debris while retaining good suction.

Refresh the Accessories

Even after three months, the motor, hose, and accessories still need to be dried and cleaned every so often to prevent corrosion and damage.

Use baking Soda to Get Rid of Musty Odors

If your Dyson vacuum cleaner turns bad on you, mix a couple of tablespoons of baking soda with warm water. Apply the solution on the hose and wait 10-15 minutes before vacuuming. Remove the vacuum, run it for a few minutes, and vacuum it again. 

Your vacuum may also become smelly due to overuse. Keep it away from the hot oven or your feet. Soak in a bucket of water for a minute before use. If your vacuuming area is small, do not overuse the vacuum for a while. Make sure to clean it every few weeks, or it may be ruined.

As your Dyson comes with a two-stage cleaning system, you should clean the vacuum regularly to remove dirt and hair from its filters. 

Use Vinegar to Get Rid of Pet Smells

Dyson vacuums are known to attract lots of pet hair. Give your Dyson vacuum a dip in a vinegar bath to make them smell better. Not only will the steam clean the air, but it will also clean the interior of the machine.

Wash Your Dyson When It Gets Dirty

Dyson vacuum cleaners are often in a dirty state. Therefore, if you don’t use the machine for a long time, it will start to get dirty, smelly, and dirty-looking. Therefore, before storing your Dyson machine, give it a thorough clean. Ensure that you don’t throw any dirty matter into the dust bin. Alternatively, you can use this suction hose to eliminate any dust deposits.

Final Words

How to make vacuum cleaners smell better? There are various other ways to prevent or deal with the vacuum smell. Feel free to share your experiences on how to make housework more enjoyable! I hope this article helps you solve your query “how to make Dyson vacuum smell better.”