How To Hang a Hammock Chair-7 Simple Steps

How To Hang a Hammock Chair

It’s time to unwind! How about hanging a hammock chair swing indoors? If this is the case, then this straightforward guide is for you to know “How to Hang a Hammock Chair.”

A hammock swing chair is particularly adaptable due to the several ways it may be strung. While some prefer to utilize a typical hammock chair stand or a tree branch, a hammock chair’s beauty is that it may be hanged from any ceiling.

Please do not worry; we will lead you through installing a hammock chair inside your home step by step. With a spreader bar to distribute weight evenly, most hammock swing chairs need only one anchor point for stability.

The tools you need: 

  • A drill and drill bit (wood OR concrete bit)
  • Screwdriver or socket wrench for tightening screws
  • Detector of studs
  • A single S hooks
  • One ceiling mount in stainless steel (round or diamond shape that can support 250-300 lbs.)
  • Two snap hooks with springs (approx. 3″- 4.5 “)
  • Four concrete expansion bolts OR 4 lag screws (wood)
  • Chain made of stainless steel or manila rope capable of supporting up to 300 lbs.
  • One swinging hammock chair (with a wood spreader or one suspension point).

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Step By step guide

STEP 1: Using a stud finder, locate a solid beam or joist on the ceiling. Ensure that you mark both sides with a pencil. You must drill straight into the frame or beam’s centre.

STEP 2: Mark the placement of the mount’s hole on the ceiling.

STEP 3: Drill four holes into the drywall/beam/concrete surface.

STEP 4: Install the ceiling mount on the four bolts or screws, depending on the surface. (For bolts, you may need a socket ratchet wrench.)

STEP 5: Secure the chain to the ceiling mount with one spring hook. The chain (or rope) may be adjusted to the desired height.

STEP 6: Secure the other end of the chain with a spring hook and an S hook, and then hang your hammock chair.

STEP 7: Verify that your installation is working properly. Shift your weight gradually into the chair. If it secures you, this indicates that you installed it properly. At least three feet from the floor should be the minimum distance between your hammock swing chair and the ground. Never leave little children alone.

How to hang a Hammock Chair from a Ceiling?

  1. In step 1, determine the area in which the chair will be hanged.
  2. Drill a small hole through the ceiling in step 2.
  3. Determine the final hanging point for your hammock chair in step 3.
  4. In Step 4, you must drill a large hole at your final hanging point in Step 4.
  5. To install the screw hook, follow step 5.

How to hang a hammock chair in an Interior Space?

Although it has only been a few days since the start of winter, we at Leaf Guard of Madison are already missing the warm weather. And while you may have a winter beach vacation planned, it may be some time before you can enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Therefore, here is an idea. Bring the atmosphere of an outside patio inside by putting a comfortable-cosy hammock in your house! Take a book, turn on the sound of crashing waves, and forget about the below-freezing conditions outside. But first and foremost, hang the hammock.

Step 1: Determine the optimal location for your hammock. To begin, you must choose the optimal placement for your hammock chair.

Step 2: Locate and Identify the Stud.

Step 3: Make a hole with help of drill to accommodate the Eye Hook.

Step 4: Screw the Eye Hook(s) into place.

Step 5: Measure and attach the hammock chair. 

Step 6: Ensure Safety.

Step 7: Unwind and Have Fun!

How Do You hang a Hammock Chair from a Tree?

Obtaining at least 7-15 feet of rope and suspending the hammock from a tree branch is one of the easiest methods (and cheapest) of hanging a hammock chair. Locate an established hardwood tree. There are numerous recommendations to use trees such as oak, ash, or beech tree with a thicker limb at least 6-8 inches thick and 6-8 feet above the ground.

At least twice around the tree, loop the rope to create two hanging places to distribute the weight equally.

Pass the rope through each end of the hammock chair’s loop or hanging mechanism, move the loop up while maintaining a firm grip on the rope, and secure with two half-inch knots just below the branch.

If knot tying is not something that comes easily to you, you can always get a set of hammock tree straps or a kit for hanging a hammock chair!

Tree straps are pre-attached with loops or even rings and are long enough to wrap around the branch easily. Simply connect an S-hook or a big carabiner to the chair (check it has the appropriate weight capability).

How Do You hang a Hammock Chair from a Beam?

After securing the appropriate location, let’s go to work on turning those lazy summer daydreams of rocking in the wind into a reality! Although most hammock chairs do not need drilling holes, which is a real blessing for those not comfortable with power tools if you possess a drill and know how to use it, here’s how to attach your hammock!

Another excellent option to hang a hammock inside is to use an existing ceiling or roof beams. This will not need drilling since the hammock will be hung using hammock straps.

To utilize the roof beams or ceiling rafters for this purpose, they must be in excellent shape and capable of supporting a substantial amount of weight. This should not be an issue if the beams are strong enough to hold a hammock with two persons in it.

The distance between the rafters or beams may prove to be a small problem. The hammock should not hang too loosely or firmly if the beams are not correctly spaced.

However, the primary advantage is that, aside from a hammock and a hammock strap kit, you won’t need anything else; you won’t need anything special to hang the hammock. You’ll be utilizing the house’s existing structure, and this hanging method can support a significant amount of weight.

To hang your hammock this way, choose the appropriate beams or rafters and the appropriate place for each, and then attach the straps exactly as you would on a tree, except you’re hanging them from a horizontal beam rather than a vertical tree.

Wrap the tree or hanging strap around the beam or rafter and pass one end through the opening on the other end. After that, you may connect the hammock using S-hooks or carabiners. Rep this step for the other side. As a result, you should now have two straps tied to the beams, each with an S-hook or a carabiner at the end. Now you can hang the hammock.

How to use a drill to attach a hammock chair?

Step 1: Drill correctly sized holes into a sturdy overhead beam (depending on hook size).

Step 2: Screw on hammock hooks to support an individual’s weight.

Step 3: Secure the chair’s eye to the hook with a carabiner or knot.

How to Hang a Hammock Chair Without Drilling in an Indoor Space?

The alternative is to use pre-existing vertical beams or posts in your home. Naturally, this implies the presence of vertical beams or posts. If you lack these, this strategy will not work for you.

However, if your property has beams or posts that are sufficiently spread for hammock hanging, there is no reason why you cannot use this approach.

As with the previous way, you may hang it from the ceiling rafters using a basic hammock hanging system; your home’s beams or posts are not that dissimilar to trees.

There is no denying that trees have a rough and textured appearance. While the rough bark is excellent for securing straps, the beams in your house are likely to smooth, and a hammock strap may slide if not attached correctly. As a result, you should tighten those straps as much as possible to prevent the hammock from collapsing while you are inside.

Alternatively, you may opt to cut tiny grooves or notches into the vertical post just above the height at which the tree hanging kit will be installed. This allows the straps to fit comfortably within the grooves and prevent sliding down.

Why You Are Not Able to Drill?

It may not be possible to drill into your walls or ceiling to hang a hammock for various reasons. What might these possible explanations be?

1. You rent an apartment where you are not authorized to make changes.

2. Asbestos is present in the walls, making drilling dangerous.

3. You lack the ability to drill (you might not have the tools or the skills)

4. The studs in your walls are not properly spaced

5. You do not want to purchase a drill only to hang a hammock.

How to hang a Hammock Chair from the Ceiling of a Porch?

Hammock chairs, when hanging from the ceiling, are also very comfy. You’ll need a few tools to hang the chair from the porch ceiling.

These include the following:

  1. A stud discoverer
  2. Pencil
  3. Eyebolt screw 3/8″ x 4″
  4. A drill equipped with a drill bit

A spring or swivel with an S-hook (Please note that instead of spring or swivel, you may alternatively buy a hammock chair hanging kit or ropes to connect to the S-hook.)

Once you’ve gathered the necessary equipment, proceed with the following steps to install the chair:

Choose a place with sufficient room for the chair to move about, rotate softly, and swing gently. This would be around six feet vertically and three feet around the chair. Additionally, ensure that the chair will not obstruct or collide with anything around.

Utilize a stud finder to locate the ceiling joist. Ceiling joists are typically 16 or 24 inches apart, so if you spot one, it should be pretty easy to locate another if it is too near to anything.

Once you’ve located a stud that will work, use your pencil to mark both sides of it, then find the drill’s centre.

For the eye bolt screw, drill a pilot hole into the centre mark. Ascertain that the drill bit is smaller than the width of the eye screw bolt. Should use a pilot hole of around 2-3 inches in depth.

To use, drill a hole in the eye bolt and insert the screw. There should be at least 2-3 inches of screw length in the ceiling. The screw bolt’s eye-ring must be flush with the ceiling for proper installation. Insert an eye bolt screwdriver into the head of the screw if it gets difficult to turn it in.

Following that, thread the S-hook through the eye bolt ring and secure the swivel, spring, or chair hanging kit to the S-hook. Finally, secure the chair.

Finally, put the chair through its paces by gradually adding weight. Begin with a 50-pound weight, container, or book. If it does, gradually sit on the chair with your feet firmly planted on the ground until it can sustain your weight.

Once you’ve established that it will hold, it’s time to relax on your chair!

How to hang a hammock chair in the absence of a tree?

This is the simplest and most renter-friendly technique of hanging your new hammock chair. Various chair stands are available, including C-shaped chair stands, egg type chair stands, and adjustable height hanging hammock chair stands.

How To hang a Hammock Chair Below a Deck?

If your patio deck extends over a portion of your yard, it’s a great site for a rope or hammock chair. The deck above will give enough protection from the sun. The exposed joists utilized in deck construction make hanging your chair very straightforward to install. You can quickly and simply hang a rope or hammock chair from a patio deck with the proper preparation and equipment.

1. Determine the location underneath your patio deck for your hanging chair. Locate an overhead joist. The joists are the massive wooden timbers that span the deck’s underbelly. Make no try to hang a chair directly from the hardwood flooring material.

2. Mark the middle of the above joist with a pencil. Equip your cordless drill with a 3/8-inch drill bit. Make sure the drill’s chuck is tightened around the bit.

3. Drill straight up through the joist, maintaining a perpendicular drill bit to the beam. Drill a hole to about 4 inches in depth.

4. Insert the tip of a 7/16-inch eye lag screw with a diameter of 7/16 inches into the pre-drilled hole. The screw should be twisted clockwise until the eye is flush with the joist. Near the conclusion, the screw may get difficult to tighten. Insert a long screwdriver into the screw eye if required. Increase the torque on the screw by turning it with the screwdriver handle.

5. From the screw eye, hang a S-hook. From the S-hook, hang your rope or hammock chair.

Advice About Safety

1. Do not exceed the hammock’s maximum weight capacity.

2. While hanging the hammock, ensure that the angle of the hammock is more than 25 degrees when a person is lying in it.

3. Avoid twisting the chains or allowing the hammock to tip over (which will twist the chains). This significantly diminishes the chain’s strength.

4. Avoid excessively tightening the hammock screws.

5. A hammock might become unstable if the weight is not evenly distributed across the hammock. Avoid sitting on the precipice’s brink.

6. Exercise caution while permitting toddlers to utilize a hammock. Allow youngsters to use the hammock only under the direct supervision of an adult.

7. Never put a newborn in a hammock.

8. Avoid jumping up and down in the hammock and avoid using it as a playground swing.


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