How To Clean Microfiber Recliner-4 Best Ways

How To Clean Microfiber Recliner

Microfiber is an excellent choice for recliners. It’s soft, cheap, and stain-resistant. Additionally, it readily takes up dirt. In this article you’ll know “How to Clean Microfiber Recliner” in detail.

 Therefore, plan to maintain it clean by learning how to avoid stains and cleaning the chair.

4 Best Ways to Clean Microfiber Recliner

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1.Vacuum the Reclining Chair

After cleaning the crevices, you’re ready to vacuum. Vacuum the whole outside and underneath the chair to remove any loose dirt, dander, or hair from the fabric. Microfiber is a fabric that has an uncanny ability to grasp and cling onto objects, particularly hair and dander.

Lay your recliner down carefully so that the back of the chair is parallel to the floor. For safety’s sake, it’s best if you have a helping hand for this step so that the chair’s front may be raised while its back is brought toward the ground. Vacuum the chair’s area, below the chair, around the springs, and any other visible area. The material that separates the footrest from the chair is often thin, and you should vacuum the bottom of this region to avoid hair and grime seeping through when you clean this area later on.

Reposition the chair’s back and vacuum the remainder of it from top to bottom. If any sections of the chair detach, such as the back cover or arm coverings, remove them and vacuum them individually, as well as the spaces underneath where they sat.

2.Eliminate Difficult Stains

Before cleaning the complete chair, you should concentrate on the dirty places. Look for stains or grease patches where people’s hands repeatedly touch the same location. When it comes to removing stains from microfiber, a mix of three parts baking soda to one part water works the best. Combine the two and take a toothbrush.

3.Stain removal from recliners

When cleaning microfiber, you should use a toothbrush since the brush head is tiny enough to reach the smallest spots easily. In addition, the bristles are soft enough to avoid damaging the upholstery, and they are often far less costly than most other cleaning brushes.

On the end of your toothbrush, place a pea-sized dollop of the mixture. Rub immediately onto the discoloured area in tiny one-inch sections. While cleaning a huge stain may take time, this procedure guarantees that every area is covered and the best results are obtained. Scrub the area with a back-and-forth motion. Blot the excess mixture away with a moist towel once you see that the stain is beginning to fade. Rep the procedure if the stain has not been removed. Allow for thorough drying of the microfibre before proceeding to the next step. You do not want to oversaturate the chair, as this may cause the foam or filling inside to get too damp and mould.

4.Clean the Recliner’s Interior

Once all of the difficult stains have been gone, you’re ready to do a fast cleaning of the whole chair. Vinegar is one of the most time-honoured household cleansers. It is suitable for cleaning almost any surface, including microfiber. Fill a spray bottle 3/4 full with warm tap water. Continue filling the bottle halfway with white distilled vinegar. You must use white distilled vinegar since apple cider vinegar may result in a perfume that may not be as nice as you like. You won’t need much vinegar, so get a modest quantity if you don’t use it often.

Spray about one square foot of upholstery lightly. Scrub the microfibre gently with a new shoe shine brush. The brush is ergonomically designed, has multiple bristles, and is gentle enough to clean the microfiber without causing you any harm. Continue cleaning one square foot at a time until the whole chair is clean.

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The most effective method of cleaning a microfiber recliner

Recliner care tags offer a simple code that instructs you to clean your chair properly. If the marking indicates W, clean chairs using a water-based solution. If it reads S, clean it with a solvent. If it says SW, use either. Vacuum or brush just the X-shaped seats.

Clean the chair manually before using any cleaner. Brush away any big debris and vacuum the whole surface. Additionally, a lint roller effectively picks up microscopic particles of dust that adhere to the small fibre. Whatever you use, ensure that it is moved consistently, not back and forth.

If any liquid accumulates on top, carefully sop it up with a paper towel. Because microfiber is resistant to water, cleaning may not be required.

Utilize the cleaner recommended on the care tag for the chair, dabbing it on and wiping away debris with a towel.

What is the best method for cleaning a microfiber recliner?

Cleaning a microfiber chair physically is always recommended. Brush it in the same way, to remove dirt and lint without hurting the fibres. Additionally, you may use a lint brush and a vacuum.

To remove stains or watermarks, get a brush or a cleaning cloth, as well as the appropriate cleaning solution, as specified on the care tag.

Bear in mind that a W indicates a water-based cleaning, S indicates a solvent-based cleaner, and SW indicates that any cleaner will work.

If it is an S or an SW, buy a professional microfiber cleaner or dilute some rubbing alcohol in water. If it is a W or SW, use a little dish soap and white vinegar in warm water. The soap cleans the chair, while the vinegar eliminates smells.

Additionally, a chair may have an X, indicating that it should be cleaned physically only. To remove stains, take them to a dry cleaner. Its recommended don’t use bleach or fabric softener.

How to clean a microfiber chair that has become unclean?

Physically clean your chair by brushing, vacuuming, or dragging a lint brush over it. Ensure that you include the nooks and corners where the cloth touches the wall. Food particles tend to fall into such crevices. You may come upon some loose coins.

While microfiber is excellent at repelling stains, they are an inescapable fact of life. This is particularly true if they are often used.

Consult the care tag on the chair to determine the kind of cleaning that is appropriate. Once you’ve chosen an acceptable cleaner, test it on a hidden corner to see whether it leaves a watermark.

Apply your cleanser with a dab or a brush to stains. Concentrate on the stains. Brush the filth away or dab the cleaner away with a clean cloth.

How can I clean a light brown microfiber recliner of stains and dirt?

A light-coloured recliner presents a unique set of challenges because any stain or watermark is much more noticeable than on a black chair.

There is no specific secret, except that you should use additional caution. Additionally, we’d recommend a dry cleaner and a toothbrush, even if the care labelling specifies a solution-based cleaner. This minimizes the possibility of leaving a watermark.

If you’re unable to use a water-based cleaning, we recommend brushing in a baking soda and water mixture. As a general guideline, combine three parts soda and one part water.

A toothbrush is useful in these cases since its compact head and bristles allow you to work the stain quickly.

How to keep a microfiber chair stain-free?

Stains may be avoided by hiring a professional to do stain removal. Most problems may be avoided by taking preventative measures and hiring an expert to help you.

Professional treatments often last longer, give more consistent protection, and are superior to over-the-counter treatments.

Use only as much as the label suggests if you’re doing it yourself and only in a well-ventilated location. To be safe, check whether the treatment you’re using is appropriate for your chair’s care tag.

How to deodorize a microfiber recliner?

There are three methods for deodorizing a microfiber chair. Many scents may be eliminated with proper physical cleansing. You’ll want to use a vacuum nozzle to gather food and other debris from those dark areas.

If your chair has a care tag that reads W or SW, you may clean it using a water-based solution. You can eliminate smells by adding white vinegar to a water-based cleaning solution.

This is particularly useful if the stain being cleaned is the cause of the stink: two birds, one stone.

If your chair cannot be cleaned using a water-based solution, sprinkle baking soda over it and allow it to sit. Ensure that you apply it evenly throughout the surface of your chair. The same deodorizing action that baking soda imparts on your refrigerator can assist you in eliminating unpleasant scents from your chair.

How to clean a microfiber La-Z Boy chair?

La-Z Boy is well known for its recliners, including many microfiber options. Due to the high cost of certain pieces of furniture, you may want to exercise a little additional caution while cleaning them.

The useful idea is to place the soft brush on the end of your vacuum wand when cleaning your chair. This will assist in ejecting any dirt particles lodged deep inside the fibres.

After washing a La-Z Boy, we recommend drying it with a hairdryer set to the coldest setting. Never use a warm or a hot setting on this item, as they may cause harm to the sensitive, delicate synthetic fibres.


Cleaning your microfiber recliner properly prevents you from seeing unsightly stains as you use it. While this is a popular fabric because of its stain resistance, you’ll also want to learn how to clean your chair properly.

We hope you find this article about “How to Clean Microfiber Recliner” helpful. If you did, we’d appreciate it if you left a comment indicating what you found most informative.

If you want to keep your microfiber looking wonderful for as long as possible, you should clean it once a month. This may help prevent permanent stains from developing in the material and make it simpler to clean regularly. These cleaning methods are inexpensive, all-natural, and simple enough for anybody to undertake.