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How to Empty a Dyson Vacuum: 3 Easy Steps for Cleaning Your Dyson

When it comes to cleaning, the Dyson vacuum is a handy tool. Plug in the device and press a button. But how can you know when it needs to be cleaned?

A Dyson vacuum’s life span will greatly depend on the frequency of use. When you notice that your vacuum isn’t picking up as much dirt or debris, as usual, the chances are good that your machine is starting to clog up. And if this happens, you need to perform an air filter inspection. Here are some simple steps for emptying your Dyson vacuum so that it can work better for you.

Dyson is a well-known and trusted brand in the vacuum industry. One of the top five vacuum brands in the United States, they make vacuums for all levels of cleaning tasks. From powerful canister vacuums to lightweight handhelds, they make vacuums perfect for any home.

You’ve just finished vacuuming your home, and you’re ready to take the vacuum apart. If you have a Dyson, it’s essential to know how to empty a Dyson vacuum. Follow the steps below to know your query “How Do I Empty My Dyson Vacuum.”

First, locate the release button on the top of the machine. Once found, press the bottom of it with your thumb or finger, making sure not to push too hard. The cyclone should come out of the bottom of your vacuum. Next, remove any dust or dirt that may be clinging inside by tapping it against the outside wall of the cyclone bin. Finally, place all parts back in place to finish cleaning your Dyson clean!

Inevitably, your Dyson will eventually get clogged with dust and dirt. That’s a good sign that your vacuum is doing its job. When you finally need to clean out your Dyson, you don’t need to worry about breaking down your vacuum or adding unnecessary wear and tear since we’re going to teach you how to empty a Dyson in 3 easy steps!

Remove the Clear Bin Assembly by Pressing the Catch on Top of the Carry Handle

To empty the transparent bin, expel the dust straight into a trashcan by pressing the latch on top of the carry handle once more. As this is a clear bin, you will need to sweep or vacuum some dust back into the bag. It can be done by brushing it away from the bags before emptying.

Bonus Tip: You can also choose to sweep or vacuum all of the dust back into the bag using a toothbrush.

The clear dust collector kit comes with a round, round, flat dust collector. The Dyson Ball series is made with a detachable dust cup. To remove the cup, press the button on top of it, and it should pop right out. Take the handle off the top of the cup and bring it over to your trash can. Hover the bottom of the cup directly over your trash can. Once it’s pressed, the entire cup should pop right out. Take hold of the cup’s handle and drag it over to a garbage container. To release the contents of a can, hold it over it. When the bin gets full, lift the clear bin to release the bags, and you can then safely throw the bags away or recycle them.

Don’t Throw Away Dust Collector Bags

Dyson dust collectors have soft, flexible plastic bags which contain waste powder. These bags are easy to clean out and can be reused multiple times. While the main dust collector can be disassembled, these bags will need to be cleaned out every few months. Pull the bag open, shake it out and then put it away for recycling.

Some buyers find the dust collection bags too long to dispose of or recycle quickly. If you want to reuse the bags, shake them out and place them in your garbage or recycling bin.

To Remove All Dust from Within the Fine Dust Collector, Shake or Tap it Vigorously

  • Tip the brush out to the side so it won’t get caught and make a clog. It should eject through the silver-plated hole. The brush doesn’t have a trigger. It just empties by itself when you press the silver plated button.
  • Tip the brush out to the side so it won’t get caught and make a clog. It should eject through the silver-plated hole. The brush doesn’t have a trigger. It just empties by itself when you press the silver plated button.
  • Tip the left-hand handle of the Dyson to open the debris door and press the silver-plated button that launches the brush into a cyclone.
  • Tip the right-hand handle of the Dyson to close the debris door.

The Reasons: Why Do I Empty My Dyson Vacuum Daily

Too many of us have a bad habit of not emptying our vacuum as often as we should. Yet, this is a real problem since the air sucked up by your vacuum can contain harmful bacteria and allergens. Over time, these can build up in your machine and become a health hazard to those who use it.

Now, you might be wondering why emptying your vacuum daily is so important. Well, the dust and dirt that accumulates inside the motor will start to clog it after a while. This could lead to overheating or malfunctioning. And once that happens, the life span of your vac drops significantly. That’s why you need to make sure to empty your vacuum every day for maximum performance and longevity!

Dyson vacuum will not keep up with the dirt and dust building up inside. A dirty vacuum can make your home feel like a hot, dusty mess. You can avoid this by emptying your Dyson vacuum every day.


Finally, you get the answer to your query, “How Do I Empty My Dyson Vacuum.” Dyson vacuums are some of the best for quickly removing dirt and dust, yet many people don’t realize they should be emptied daily. Believe it or not, what you can’t see is just as important as what you can see. You want to empty your Dyson vacuum daily because particles like pet hair and dust can cause problems downstream in the machine. Hair will tangle around parts that spin, like the brush bar, which causes it to wear out more quickly.